Dorking 6 MW BESS

6 MW battery storage solution located at Dorking and consisting of several containerised modules - customer swichroom module, transformers module, converter module and two battery modules.  Finiite element thermal modelling of DC, AC and 11kV cables.


Technical Advice

Provide technical advice to GRC for their solar farm developments (eight 5 MW site). Conceptual design for diesel generator farm options (stand alone or combined with solar) up to 20 MW. 

Technical Services
Mann Power

Provide ongoing electrical consultancy design services in connection with Mann Power's hydroelectric projects.  Carry out the design of DNO connections, parallel feeding of local facilities and associated cabling and systems.

Hydroelectric Low Voltage Cables
Mann Power Consulting Limited

Provide cable selection and calculations for three seperate long-run hydroelectric main a.c.cables and associated protection. Particular issues involved maintaining voltage rise within limits, protection with high earth fault loop impedance and cost comparisons of different options.

LV Cable Sizing [Hanger]
Sizing of main low voltage power cables for a new supply to an aircraft hanger. A key area of concern was the very long cable runs and achieving a cost effective solution given the large voltage drops experienced.

Wessex CP5 Traction Power Supply Renewal

Engineering services for the GRIP 3 to 5 design works in connection with upgrading of power supply systems on Network Rail's Wessex network.  Work included upgrading four track paralleling hut to substations, renewing switchgear at two sites and upgrading the DC protection at six additional sites.   

Luton Airport Generator Upgrade
London Luton Airport

We were appointed to develop the performance and installation specification for the upgrade of generator systems supplying Airfield Ground Lighting and other services. The project consisted of two new prime generators, with parallel operation and transfer switching equipment between generator and mains supply.

Luton Airport Fixed Ground Power
Bright Star Fuelling Services
Full feasibility study for the implementation of a Fixed Ground Power (FGP), 400 Hz system, including the project strategic definition, brief and concept design for the supply of 400 Hz power to approximately 50 stands. In addition the works involved a costing exercise for the design, install and operate bid and preliminary project planning.

Legacy Projects
Various Clients
myElectrical Engineering is a young venture and in the process of building up it's project portfolio. When you use the company you are working directly with the owner [Steven McFadyen] who has over thirty years varied project experience. 

To view some of the prestigious and iconic projects that Steven has worked on, please use the following link: Legacy Projects.