Dorking 6 MW BESS

6 MW battery storage solution located at Dorking and consisting of several containerised modules - customer swichroom module, transformers module, converter module and two battery modules.  Finiite element thermal modelling of DC, AC and 11kV cables.


Technical Advice

Provide technical advice to GRC for their solar farm developments (eight 5 MW site). Conceptual design for diesel generator farm options (stand alone or combined with solar) up to 20 MW. 

Concept Design and Connection Application

Initial system design and connection application submission for the following solar farms: Tr Nyth, Stockley Hill , Twin Yards , Knotwood Fields , Ashland , Twin Oaks, Fulwood Grange and Penniment House.

Engineering Services

Consultancy agreement to provide ongoing technical services in relation to the clients activities.  Key focus is on developing tools to improve inhouse engineering functions and looking at specific specialist project issues.

Sheath Current

Develop calculation methodology and carry out several Matlab calculations of sheath currents and induced voltages in various cable arrangements. 

Technical Services
Mann Power

Provide ongoing electrical consultancy design services in connection with Mann Power's hydroelectric projects.  Carry out the design of DNO connections, parallel feeding of local facilities and associated cabling and systems.

North Terminal Building - Main Distribution Board Circuit Breaker Status
London Luton Airport
Investigation into the status of the circuit breakers, on the North Terminal main distribution board. 

Luton Airport Fixed Ground Power
Bright Star Fuelling Services
Full feasibility study for the implementation of a Fixed Ground Power (FGP), 400 Hz system, including the project strategic definition, brief and concept design for the supply of 400 Hz power to approximately 50 stands. In addition the works involved a costing exercise for the design, install and operate bid and preliminary project planning.

Legacy Projects
Various Clients
myElectrical Engineering is a young venture and in the process of building up it's project portfolio. When you use the company you are working directly with the owner [Steven McFadyen] who has over thirty years varied project experience. 

To view some of the prestigious and iconic projects that Steven has worked on, please use the following link: Legacy Projects.