Electrical design, review, AND simulations for power systems, airports, rail, infrastructure and buildings. 

Services - what we ofer

We provide help tailored to the clients business needs. Using ETAP, EMTP-ATP and AMTECH we provide solutions to a comprehensive range is issues and problems

Electrical Services Offered

  • Feasibility and Design Services
  • Peer Review of Design and Submissions
  • Investigations, Studies, Reports
  • Value Engineering
  • Technical & Specification Writing

How We Can Help

  • Offer expertise client may not have
  • Relief from time constraints
  • Objective outside opinion
  • New ideas
  • Staffing flexibility

Electrical design services

  • Load Flow
  • Short Circuit (IEC & ANSI)
  • Voltage Drop
  • Cable Dimensioning (BS 7671, IEC & IEEE/NFPA)
  • Cable Thermal Analysis(IEC 60287 & Neher-McGrath)
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Low Voltage Calculations (Earthing and Electrical Shock) to BS 7671
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Motor Starting and Acceleration
  • Transient Analysis
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Transformer Inrush Current
  • Protection Device Coordination & Discrimination
  • 400 Hz System Calculations
  • Renewable Sources (Wind and Photovoltaic)
  • Earth [Ground] System Design
  • System Reliability Studies
  • Equipment Dimensioning

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myElectrical Engineering provides electrical engineering solutions for a wide variety of projects and problems. We excel at technical excellence and providing services quickly to cater for our clients requirements.  We have the knowledge, experience and commitment to deliver everything we promise.